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2016 SECC Campaign Final Results are in!!

Here is our final report on our 2016 SECC Campaign! Thank you for helping to make this year’s SECC a great success! This year UTSA raised an impressive $178,759.21 in donations with a 42% participation rate.

How did your college/administrative unit do?

77.8% – President’s Office

61.6% – COB

61.5% – VP External Relations

59.7% – COA

51.9% – VP Community Services

51.7% – COPP

49.5% – VP Business Administration

48.6% – VP Student Affairs

48.0% – COE

47.4% – VP Research

34.6% – COEHD

33.3% – VP Academic Affairs

32.1% – COLFA

20.8% – COS

Congratulations to the 33 departments that reached 100% participation – we know how hard it is to reach everyone in your department and we appreciate your efforts! A list of all of the departments reaching 100% is included at the end of this e-mail!

List of Departments reaching 100% Participation

COB – International Engagement

COB – Business Graduate Studies

COB – Business Scholars Program

COB – Center for Student Professional Development

COB – Professional Excellence Center

COEHD – Educational Psychology

COEHD – Counselling

COE – Civil Engineering

COLFA – Political Science & Geography

COLFA – Center for Archeological Research

COS – Neurosciences Institute

PRES – External Affairs

PRES – Equal Opportunity Services

PRES – Legal Affairs

VPAA – Academic Affairs Provost Office

VPAA – Institute for Law and Public Affairs

VPAA – Reserve Officers Training Corp

VPAA – Faculty, Student Diversity, and Rec.

VPAA – COLFA Academic Advising

VPAA – International Programs

VPBA – Fiscal Services Collections

VPBA – Business Affairs Office

VPBA – Facilities Administration

VPBA – Capital Asset Management

VPBA – Budget Planning & Development

VPBA – Disbursements and Travel Services

VPCS – ITC Texas Folklife Festival

VPCS – Community Services


VPER – VP External Relations

VPSA – Financial Aid Office Operations

VPSA – Enrollment Services Mktg. & Comm.

VPSA – Student Life Office

Thanks for your support for all of the special events put on by individual departments and groups, as well as the university wide events:

SECC Book Sale – $851.63

Silent Auction – 1,814.00

West Campus Breakfast – 1,230.00

As you can see – it truly is a TEAM EFFORT – and we can be proud of the incredible number of organizations and individuals in our community that will receive help as a result of your generosity!!!

Thank you for supporting this year’s SECC!