Payroll Deduction

Thursday, September 10

Payroll deduction offers a special opportunity for your gift to go further. You can manage your own philanthropy, it saves time while taking little effort and it’s sustainable by reducing paper pledges.

By donating a specific amount from each paycheck, you can make a much more significant impact on causes you wish to help.

How do payroll deduction donations work?

  • Payroll deduction starts in December and will be reflected in the January paycheck. Deductions are made after taxes.
  • Payroll deduction frequency is based on your payroll cycle. If you are paid on the nine-month cycle it will be spread across nine months. If you are paid on a 12-month cycle it will be spread across the 12 months.
  • Stop deductions at any time by contacting UTSA Payroll.

How to give

Payroll deduction can be done either online or through paper pledge forms.